Luxe Flannel Pajamas

I recently started a new bad habit. I've started coming home with beautiful fabric, just because it's gorgeous. An embarrassing stack of fabric without any purpose has started collecting in the corner of my sewing room. And this super soft Luxe Flannel was no exception!

When playing a relationship game with my husband recently I learned that his least favorite item in my wardrobe was my pair of fleece pajama pants. I can't really blame him since they are high-waters on me and the brand's name literally has the word "grandma" in it. I immediately knew what to do! I grabbed my flannel and this old McCalls loungewear pattern I used a few years ago to make my husband a robe.

I had two yards of fabric, but laying the pattern out was a bit difficult since the bolt was only 45" wide, I needed to cut two of this pattern piece, and the legs were fairly wide. Since I'm so short I needed to shorten the length of the pattern legs and thankfully this allowed me to lay the pattern out across the width of material. I also folded the waist down 1 1/2", using the second and third circles on the pattern to create the hole for my drawstring, shortening the height of the pants.

This was a fast and rewarding project. The pattern fits me well through the hips, although if I were to make it again I would likely take in the width of the pant legs.

My second favorite part of this project, next to the comfy and beautiful fabric of course, is the tag I added to the back. It says "handmade by Marissa" and was a Christmas gift from my mother. Thanks Mom!

Time estimate: 2-4 hours
Size: medium
Material used: flannel
Care instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Cost to make pajama pants:
material - $10
draw string - $2
*used existing thread and tag
TOTAL: $12

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