Embroidered Denim McCalls Trumpet Sleeve Blouse (Minerva Crafts)

Dropping by to let you know I have a guest post over on the Minerva Craft blog featuring a fun trumpet sleeve blouse made in their embroidered denim and McCalls 7542 blouse pattern!

This fabric was gifted to me by Minvera and I truly love the quality of it. You can purchase the same fabric through my affiliate link here.

P.S. See the first trumpet sleeve blouse I made last fall here!

This fabric was gifted to me in return for a blog post and this post contains affiliate links.

Leanne Marshall Cape Coat

I saw this Leanna Marshall cape coat pattern at JoAnn this summer and was immediately inspired to begin working on my first piece of outwear. JoAnn was having a pattern sale and I purchased this pattern for only $2.00! Wanting to copy the envelop sample almost exactly I found some light gray heathered sweater knit and purchased all the store had, 1 1/2 yards.

I used the body measurements chart on the back of the pattern envelop and decided to make a size 12, meaning I needed 3 yards of outer fabric to make the long version of this coat. I only had 1 1/2 yards, but kept looking for matching fabric every time I went to JoAnn... which was admittedly quite often. Not finding the fabric I needed I eventually turned to the sewing community through a few different Facebook groups and found an amazing woman who was willing to ship her matching, uncut yardage to me for only the cost of shipping. Kayla, THANK YOU, I truly couldn't have completed this project without your generosity!

As I said above, this coat was my first outwear make and it was also my first lined jacket in a decade. The pattern was coming along quite well, until I tried to add the lining to the outer portion of the coat. The instructions said the front lining panels should be smaller than the corresponding outwear panels, but they were the same size. I was stumped! After setting the project aside overnight and coming back to it fresh I discovered that I had accidentally cut the front lining piece from the same pattern piece as the outer panel. It wasn't just me, it really was too big. Using all the correct pattern pieces the lining was easy to install.

I chose a two-way separating zipper to make the coat as versatile as possible. The installation was very interesting, with the zipper on the left side of the coat being sewn face down and turned 180 degrees each time its zipped up. This technique keeps the zipper tape inside, it isn't exposed when I zip the jacket up. My only issue with this zipper is that the pulls hang below the bottom of the coat, so I have to unzip the bottom of the coat about an inch to hide the bottom pull. I'll need to be more careful when installing zippers in the future, especially if they aren't a two-way separating zipper.

Even though I cut the front outer panels at the same time, the left side ended up about an inch longer, even after letting the coat hang for a few days. I'm not sure what I did there, but was able to correct this issue by inserting that extra fabric into the cape, making the two front panels match. To finish the cape I sewed a Dritz magnet to the edge of the point, and ended up adding an extra one on the other side as well to ensure the closer is secure. I'm not sure how I feel about these magnets; there weren't any pre-made holes. I had to sew through a thin layer of plastic, which ended up bending my hand needle. We'll see how they wear, but I'm not sure I'll use them again.

I love how this pattern turned out and can see myself wearing it fall through spring. I made it roomy enough that I can easily layer under it, although I would probably size down one size in the future. I really like the cape when it lays down across my shoulders but its not a very functional hood for truly cold weather. Thankfully the weather here is pretty mild and I can wear my new jacket right away!

Time estimate: 32+ hours
Size: 12
Fabric used: 100% polyester sweater fleece from JoAnn and cotton blend lining from my stash
Care instructions: machine wash normal, cold, nonchlorine bleach, tumble dry low

Cost to make coat:
pattern - $2.00
fabric - $13.50 for 1 1/2 yards
fabric shipping - $13.50 for additional yardage
two way zipper - $12.00
magnets - $18.50
*used lining fabric and thread from my stash
TOTAL: $59.50

Royal Inspiration

Over the course of last year I spent a fair amount of time thinking about my style and I realized that if I took the time and energy to make handmade garments I wanted them to be garments I would be happy to wear for years for to come. I have been admiring the Duchesses' timeless style more and more and would like to add some royally inspired garments to my wardrobe this year so I collected a few of my favorite royal ensembles and accompanying patterns and fabrics. There are so many options to pick from and I could easily add a handful more Catherine inspired dresses. I hope you enjoy this inspiration and stay tuned for my royally inspired makes!

Pictured above: Meghan in an over sized white sweater and skinny black slacks
Patterns to replicate this look: Cher knit sweater and Vogue 9210 slacks
Fabrics to replicate this look: Fuzzy Gray and White Chunky Wool Knit and Armani Black Stretch Wool Twill Suiting
Pictured above: Catherine in an olive blazer, cream blouse, and navy wide leg trousers
Patterns to replicate this look: Vogue 9099 blazer, New Look 6483 blouse, Vogue 9131 trousers
Fabrics to replicate this look: Pale Green Solid Suiting, Antique White Silk Charmeuse, Stretch Gabardine Nylon Cotton Suiting Navy Fabric
Pictured above: Meghan in a black turtleneck sweater and black wide leg pants
Patterns to replicate this look: Kwik Sew 4069 turtleneck, Vogue 9282 wide leg pants
Fabrics to replicate this look: Black Tubular Bamboo Rib Knit, Black Stretch Wool Gabardine
Pictured above: Catherine in a yellow brocade fit and flare dress
Pattern to replicate this look: Vogue 1499 cap sleeve, pleated-skirt dress
Fabric to replicate this look: British Zest Abstract Brocade
Pictures above: Meghan in a taupe trench dress
Pattern to replicate this look: Burda Style 6380 double breasted coat
Fabric to replicate this look: Beige Solid Wool Gabardine
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