2019 Review and 2020 Plans

This year I made a goal to sew nine specific items in a #MakeNine format. I planned to make:

I only made three of the items I originally intended to make. I wish I had prioritized making a few more of these pieces and will try to make most of the remaining pieces in 2020, although the Morris Blazer isn't the style I'm currently looking for in a blazer and I don't want to take on a project that demanding right now. I'm not sure how I got distracted from my #MakeNine goals, except for finding patterns I liked better or wanted to round out my wardrobe. I find that I don't wear the Moneta Dress much, but get a lot of wear out of my Pussy Bow Blouse and Ogden Cami.

I also prioritized making a few replicas of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's best looks and have the patterns and fabric for one additional replica. I think these makes were some of my favorite and brought me the most joy. I will certainly be making more duchess look-a-likes.

After two full years of blogging my sewing makes I can see a measured improvement in my sewing skills and I have a much better understanding of my personal style. I have also learned that I prefer to have a bit more freedom in my sewing and do not plan to make a traditional #MakeNine plan this year.

I would like to start my 2020 sewing by focusing on patterns and fabric I already own, really like, and want to have the opportunity to wear. 2020 is the year of sewing my fabric and pattern stash! What are your 2020 sewing goals?

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